Local Outsider

A Sabahan’s View of West Malaysia

From the shores of Sabah to the hills of Penang, Local Outsider highlights true stories and revelations of Malaysian life as told by one of its own. A local. An outsider. A local but an outsider. Discover what makes Malaysians so similar to each other yet easily distinguishable by subtle nuances. A single word, an awkward gesture, the one look that tells the natives you are a foreigner even if you speak the same language, wear the same clothing or have lived in the same country your whole life. Experience Malaysia through the eyes of a Local Outsider.

*As a note, this book contains references to pork, alcohol, and non-halal foods. Reader discretion is advised.

What do readers say…

“Your book is impactful. The way you write is incredible, and honestly, you communicate in a very simple, straight forward, and easy to follow way. At many times I laughed, and equally, there were points of deep introspection.”

– Soong Hung Hao, Singapore