“Inspire one to inspire a thousand”

Hi, I’m Sherra Yeong, the author of Local Outsider. I speak five different languages and have lived in different areas in Malaysia namely Sabah, Kuala Lumpur and Penang, where I am now. With a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science, a passion for food and an inquisitive mind, I’m always on the lookout for good food and interesting experiences. I like to think that I am a keen observer of the finer details of life often overlooked and underappreciated, which I hope to portray in my books and writings. Things like background stories nobody tells, or experiences people have had without understanding their significance. I believe it is stories like these which define a culture, its people, food and way of life. My aim in writing is to inspire, amuse and educate fellow lifelong learners.

I enjoy reading good books such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, which I have probably read at least five times and might just read a couple more times because it is that good. Books by Dan Ariely also interest me as I find them insightful and intriguing. I do find that I can never have enough books on wine to satisfy my growing obsession with the topic. The deeper I go into the world of wine, the more I want to know how each grape, weather, soil, area, country, winemaker’s touch and serving experience would affect the final taste of the wine. And no two bottles are ever the same, or so I believe.

Tea though, is a different affair. My favourite pastime is with a good book in my hand and a pot of warm tea by my side in a place of peace and tranquility away from the city noises, preferably with cool weather which is evidently rare in Malaysia. My personal favourites are organic Sabah tea and Alishan oolong tea.

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